Brand Concept

Evolution: Fill in the Missing Part

“Our brand concept in “Fin-ch” is “EVOLUTION”.


We hope to be better in the future, so we have worked hard to fill in the incomplete and

imperfect parts that we are left with.


As we are evolving, we want cloths and daily necessities to change as well.
Since there has not been any changes in the past in style, and new designs aren’t considered.
We created a new concept for our brand “ EVOLUTION”.


Because the internet is so broad, people are starting to have more and different opinions about our environment.


Media and Fashion constantly affects each other, unnecessary comment and opinions have been said.

But these unnecessary messages should be erased to create the perfect factor.

This establishment of Fin-ch has been created by Mr. Genki Fujita and designed by Mr. Kentaro Ogawa.

They have jumped into the fashion industry.

Together, they have created a brand for fishing and outdoor activities.

We are continuously changing into an even more improved design and material.

That is why Fin-ch is “EVOLVING”.

Fin-ch’s concept is based on Charles Darwin theory of evolution.

Charles Darwin conceives the “Evolution theory” of the bird and closely related species on the continent of South America.


They hopefully can put the evolutionary concept of the bird under the design, that’s why Fin-ch trade mark as a bird.

And not only the evolution, also the future, while filling in the missing concept.