Using Guide

Using Guide                                                                            

Members of this site can shop by Website or Facebook, and then arrange delivery.

FOR Local Customer:              You can enjoy FREE delivery service if you purchase at a specified amount


FOR Overseas Customer:      LESS HK$40 shipping fee for purchases over HK$300. The goods and shipping

fee will pay by PayPal separately. Please contact us for quote and confirm shipping fee. We will send the link by PayPal for the payment to your E-mail address.

Shopping Flow                                                                

1.  Select the item you want to purchase

  ________________________________________________________________________________      _

    When you confirmed the item you want to purchase, please click “ADD TO CART”.


2.  Proceed to purchase procedure


    Click “View Cart” button from “Shopping Cart” on the screen. The contents of the cart will be displayed.

    According to the explanation of the cart, the information of Purchaser, Address, Payment method and

    Shipping fee etc. is confirmed.

3.  Confirmed the information


    Pleaselog-in if you are registered customer. If not, please enter the Billing details. For overseascustomer, please leave down the message and we will contact you and confirm the address and shipping fee shortly.


4.  Proceed to Checkout


    Please the box of “read and agree to the website terms and conditions” before you press “PROCESSED TO PAYPAL” .


5.  Send the confirmation e-mail and the item will be delivery


    You will receive an email with purchase details. Please double check the billing details.

Payment Methods                                                             

PayPal / Credit Card


We are now accepting PayPal e-mail payment service. Members are required to indicate or indicate to the customer service attendant that they need to use “PayPal e-mail payment service” when they place an order. Customer service staff will email e-invoice (subject: Fin-chHong Kong Invoice #00000) and email sent by PayPal (subject: PRIME ENTERPRISPayPal Payment Request) to members, even if you did not become a PayPal member after receiving an email from PayPal.