3 WAY Military Bag – Compact

HKD$ 323.00

This fabric is strongly durable and strongly used, it can carry two lure boxes even it looks small, the side pocket is mesh.

Size:                                            20cm (L) x 26cm (H) x 10cm (W) 
Shoulder belt length:              150cm (adjustable)

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Popular “3 WAY military bag” has become compact.
It is a size that does not feel uncomfortable even with a woman, of course, it is an exquisite size feeling without problems with men.
As it is, the fabric is strongly durable and strongly used for the SDF and others.
Although it is compact, two lure boxes are wearing a large pocket that enters with Shibori.

The scene of the outdoor man changes from a permanent to a variety of things.

From the field to the city center, and the school to travel … seek items that can correspond to various scenes.
What you sought in this bag is that it can be stored in a large capacity although it is compact.
And to be multifunctional.
For fishing, we will deform to the body bag, shoulder bag in town, and also handbag.
In other words, depending on the circumstances of the owner, we will correspond to “3-way bag”, and we will change to various storage forms with the ingenuity of the user.
It is strong because we are using military fabrics that are also used for the SDF and others.
Instead of treating it carefully, it is a bag image to be used while spreading all over with mud.
Please take me to various places.

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Black, Camo, Khaki