CANARIA 48UL (Canary 48)

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This fishing rod is very light, even a child can easily use it, it’s extremely portable. It can be pullen apart like a puzzle so you can put it in your backpack, amazing for family fishing trips out at sea.

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That fun rod “CANARIA 48” is renewed and reappears.
The paint basket part was unpainted, it was difficult to get out, and the sensitivity improved by letting a little tension.
A more enjoyable rod, and finish that seems to want to go out to various places.

Rod proposed by Finch. I wanted to create a rod for enjoyment
” Rod that reminds me of happy childhood”.
When I was a child, I remember remembering running around running rivers and ponds around the sweat.
I want to use it for all writers, I want to play with fish with this … I tried making a rod that seems so.
I’d like you to decide which fish you want in hand. I think that it is also interesting for buses and mountain streams from the light game of the sea.
It is sticky and makes straightforward bending that I can not imagine a 4-piece splice.
The color is two colors. Olive gray and olive black. The spec is the same, but the gray color is slightly thicker due to painting.
It is good to enjoy with a color different from a child, a good color difference is also good for a couple, it is good to change with the feeling of that day by one person.
I wanted to make the price as low as possible.
Of course not only for adults but also for kids to be able to buy something for a moment, so that you can take care of them.
It is 4.8 ft and a short rod, but I made it to 4 pieces.
By making it one piece 39 cm, as well as inside the suitcase, as well as going backpack, it is safe and light on the bicycle and in the train.
And make it a little travelable.
In a blue semi-hard case, print a dream fish gently. It is my desire to never forget his dream and dream.
Reels are numbered from 1000 to 2000 thoroughly.

  • Full length 4.8 ft Ultra Lite (Sensitivity is Bingin despite Ultralite.It is recommended to use it in an extremely fine PE line.)
  • Regular taper
  • 75g
  • Cast 5g 1 (PE)  4 lb (PE) (Nylon, fluorocarbon)
  • With semihard case 46 cm

(About handling)
※ Please be aware of looseness of the rod. If each rod is not securely connected, it may be damaged.
We recommend that you apply rod ferrule wax to the joint.
※ Please note that it is used for fish of medium size or larger. It leads to breakage. It is an accessory only machine to the last. Please be careful of the drag setting for the unexpected big thing
※ After use at seawater please wash like other rods.
※ This warranty card is not attached to this rod, but one year warranty is attached. Since we are managing selling days here, please contact us in case of damage. (It becomes 1 piece 3240 yen)

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