CANARIA 68ML (Canary 68)

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Just one fishing rod can let you enjoy fishing anywhere anytime. It’s so efficient that you can bring t anywhere in your backpack

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“Which one would you take if you bring only one?”

Rod proposed by Finch.
Rod for enjoyment “CANARIA 68”
It is a rod created on the basis of Genkiman’s experience going out to various places regardless of overseas or domestic.
I can bring only one. I will definitely create this based on the concept … if I take it.
Family trips, business trips, and other destinations might be good fishing spots. Why do you want to shake the rod?
In such a case, we made a 4 piece rod in the corner of the car to make it obsessed with a suitcase or bag.

This rod is a target not targeted, aiming at everyone lurking in everything.
Canary 68 is a rod which fished fishing in five countries, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and repeated the test in various environments.
The fish caught during the test was sea bass, sea bream, cinnabar, pinball, pheasant, asi in sea water.
In freshwater, it starts from Peacock Bus, Piranha, Itoo, Sakura Mass, Trout, Black Bath, Thunder Fish, Catfish, Gun fish etc.
It becomes a rod aiming at familiar targets other than super heavyweight.

You can experience casting lures as much as 3 to 30 g.
This rod can be attached to both the bait finesse reel and the bait reel, widening the target’s width.
If it is a bait finesse reel, it is about 3g ~ 7g, if it is a general reel it is used properly up to about 7g ~ 30g.

Rod action is a fast action, so as to blow soft and light rig supply.
Especially in scroll type lure, hooking is done so as to tangle the target.
And from berry to bat Medium to heavy. Hooking firmly with the transmission from berry to bat.
We are trying to make it possible to exchange for unexpected big things without difficulty.
In a word, it is an unbalanced rod. However, this unbalance realizes high versatility in various scenes.


<From Genkiman>

Finally, I got what I wanted. A good child who took time for this rod for over a year. What made it impossible could be the parent who produced it, it took that much time.
A really good girl is ready.
I think you have already received it in your hands, have you enjoyed it?
Why are 6 feet 8 inches being asked frequently by putting out this rod? I thought of various things. And I tried it variously.
This length is the length created based on the concept “If you bring only one?”
A light lure is also thrown and fine operation, a heavy lure is also thrown and not tired, far-throw is also thrown nearby. That’s 6 feet 8 inches that I have a conclusion.
I think that it varies from person to person, but it was the length which came out of my history of 37 years of fishing history.
And why is bait … this is often said. It is simply the style that I like.
Easy to deal with even if an unexpected big thing comes in right away, thrown accurately. And even if it says anything, playing “fishing” feels more interesting when throwing a bait.
Such a mysterious bait rod. Of course, there are scenes that need spinning, but that is why I think so. There is also the fun of spinning.
Why are medium lights? This is also often asked. Because I have never thought of needing a heavy tackle in the country· · · in other words, there may be a word, but it is a medium light as a result of thinking about playing with familiar fish, playing with a little traveling destination etc..
But I think that the medium light is only the top part and the strength is medium or higher.
The expressions may be matched by the medium light ‘s wearing comfort and concealing the power of medium heavy.
You might think that it is softer than you thought it was. But most people, no, all at the moment everyone was surprised to hang a fish. He says it is stronger than imagined.
I think this also when casting a lure, can you throw this lure? You will be surprised.
Although I write it as 3 to 30 g, I am fishing for a few hours by throwing up to 1.5 g with a light lure and 45 g with a heavy lure on my own.
I do not recommend this except for intermediate-level players, but I can afford it if you grab a knack.
It is an excellent child who can do various things so far as changing the reel with one rod.
The reason why I made it to 4 pieces is my selfish business with many business trips … Once a month I go somewhere in the country and abroad, but I can take it to my favorite place again without becoming a luggage, touch.
The rod factory has also evolved year by year, and it is rarely like holding back like the old packing rod.
Rather, the rod can swing with a sense close to one piece.
There are rods like special machines now, but I think that it is okay to have rods like these that can be used anything.
I was worried many times as to how to do if it was not really accepted when actually making it, but it was good to make it.
I sold out immediately after opening the lid and I am taking a reservation for the second lot right now but when I see your posts, I have already picked up more than 25 fish species targets.
In salt, it ranges from goby to blue, in freshwater, it ranges from bus to Peacock bus. Everything is the rod.
In addition to the concept “If you only want to bring one” It is a fun rod you want to say “What do you aim for?”
Now, I myself have taken this rod for most fishing and it is so cute and inevitable item.
Please check it once. I hope you will be pleased.


  • Length 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm)
  • 4 pieces, each length 56 cm
  • Weight 153 g
  • Action medium light fast taper
  • Lure weight 3 – 30g
  • Grip length (27 cm from the trigger)
  • Line PE line 0.3 – 2, Issue Fluorocarbon line 4 – 20 pounds
  • When you install balance reel, you come to hand.
  • The semi-hard case with dedicated length 60 cm x 7 cm


We have detailed explanations on blogs from customers who purchased the initial model.

Please see the URL below.


(About handling)
※ Please be aware of looseness of the rod. If each rod is not securely connected, it may be damaged. If you apply rod ferrule wax etc. to the joint, it will be less likely to prevent loosening and getting out.

※ After use in seawater please wash like other rods.

※ This warranty card is not attached to this rod, but one year warranty is attached. Since we manage purchasers and sales days here, please contact us in case of damage.

※ Because it is a pre-ordered item, please note that cancellation cannot be accepted.