Fin-ch Bird Socks Summer

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These socks are anti-odor, moisture proof, antibacterial and even has a three-dimensional design. These socks are very comfortable, has a refreshing sense and also has an anti-slip sticker that keeps your sock in place at all time.

Size:          24 – 27.5 cm (Size is a guide only) 
Material:  85% cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Lycra

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Clothes most used in the human body … It is not socks, is it?

The bird socks I made last time was too popular and tried making a summer version.
I thought that if I made it short simply … I could not do what I wanted, but as always, I decided to make a sample many times.
Gradually · · · If this wind is made like this … more and more greed comes out, Completion of completely different bird socks.
The factory also makes minor modifications so as to be amazed, designing the thickness and shape of the fabric from all directions.
Silicone is put in the crowding part for the prevention of displacement.
I think that there are those who wonder if short socks are going to be shifted, but it may not be said to be honest to say that there is no deviation at all.
People’s feet are different in individual shape, wider, people of Takashi Kinoe may possibly be displaced, but I think that there is almost no gap.
The wide silicone portion of that part prevents slippage.

Although socks are the most overworked, despite not being very conscious, badly speaking the most careless apparel.
However, if you know the exhilaration feeling when you wear good socks, and less fatigue feeling you can only wear it.
It was one of the difficult items if it was a very creator.

Comfortable to wear comfortably enough to hear the dialogue that you heard somewhere, “I know when you wear it, amazing guy!”
Not to mention the deodorant, antimicrobial, moisture-proof function, and the foothold feeling is switched to various stages, it is a specification that exquisitely holds at the uneven part of the human foot.
Three-dimensional sewing is carried out, it is not tight, it is not loose, it gently supports your feet.
It takes us to whatever you like … It makes me happy socks.

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