Floreana 10 – Denim Asymmetry

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Innovation designed, it has 21 pockets which assist with outdoor fishing and it is very convenient for outdoor work. This fabric has slight elasticity, that is why the pants not feeling tight and stiff.

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Polyurethane

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At last it was finished.

Denim with a distinctive appearance. At first sight, “What?”

This denim is stuffed with small insurrection.

It was asymmetrically what he took carefully, the design like Finch likes the singer.

Putting pockets so far will be heavy. Actually, I made a pocket with the fabric of the same capacity as the fabric of the body.

A total of 21 pockets, fabrics used are double the size of common denim. I made something I liked without being caught in a fashion.

Although it may have laughed, I enjoyed the place where all 21 pockets can be used.

The first challenge is its weight.

Even if you are wearing heavy … it is not finches.

All Finch wear is stress-free, with ease of movement in mind, we are repeating the test in the field really, so be relieved.

Since the fabric is wrapped in soft denim area, lower whole body, it should not feel heavy.

And despite having such a pocket as much as possible, it has become impossible to prevent movement as much as possible.

Since the stretch is included, the movement is free. But when putting a stretch the fabric weakens.

Double stitch that covers there.

The denim itself comes with the pocket, even the hard move by making sewing double stitched.

And its double stitching is also not common, but by using two color threads, GENQUINMAN who is enjoying this also is playing.

Take it in your hand, also like this? And the secret is hiding, is not it even if there is such a delightful denim?

I hope you enjoy using it while devising each way.


The chance was the voice of those working in gold mines in the western United States in the pioneering era.

In response to “withstand the harsh conditions, durable pants you want,” the demand, durability Noah use the Ru denim,

“Jeans” reinforced pockets with metal rivets.

And about 130 years ago, 20th May 1873 became “the day of birth of jeans”, was born in the 19th century, grew big in the 20th century, and reached the 21st century.

Loved by people beyond the era, and eternal Masutoai to be active in various scenes Temu.

And Finch arranged Arakawa denim.

Denim fabric is strong is as aware, but Tsuppa among you standing or sitting or had become Rigadoshitemo care.

So highly elastic by mixing a little of the elastic fibers, ho do not think the denim fabric until now what to wear comfortable stretch denim is completed.

As it is the denim used to a tough outdoor scene, blend in, even in the city, the chopper is a super stretch denim twist the tricks and.

* Because it is denim, the color gradually falls. You can enjoy aging. Those who are concerned about discoloration please wash gently in the net etc. As color falls are at hand in the early days, please be careful not to wash with white things.

  • Number of pockets 21

– Belt part at the back is fitted with a fin-ch original leather label through which the belt passes.

Size No.283032343638
Hip Width104108112116120124

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