Floreana – 10 Dry 2 Way

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These pants have two ways to wear, it can turn into short or long pants, because of the zipper in the knee area. Extremely efficient during outdoor activities. And also have a lot of big and small pockets design.

 Material: Polyester

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The concept changes according to the moving scene

“I want simple pants,”
a plan that began again with the words of Genkiman and Ogaken.
Simple long pants, but it is such an item stuffed each feeling.
What I requested was a design that does not feel strange in any place, outdoor or town, and function.
Of course, anyone who does not choose people 2-way pants to put on.
Of course, comfortable to wear, as well as strong and dry.

It is comfortable when walking, thin not to mind. However, the strength of the fabric situation is strong, breathable, it is fast drying … that is the minimum condition.
I would like to change my clothes if it is hot. But I will not bother to take it all … and
then we started planning to make things that are also long pants and half pants.
It is difficult because it is a simple pant.
And I think that I was able to resolve the discomfort of the zipper of the lapel of the knee which was the biggest difficulty to the limit.
If you are walking it will inevitably come to mind the zipper of the tsunami eye. It was possible to eliminate even a little by matching the four fabrics together for the outer and inner side.
Corrected the position of the tsunami in 1 cm unit, the position of the hook so that the knee does not hurt when crouching. Although this alone took a year, I was able to set the location.
Tests were repeated in Brazil, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, China, all in the subtropical district, and of course used for fishing as well, fleeing and unwillingly eliminated one thing at a time.
Throughout the year, it is a design/function that makes it active in Japan, as well as various countries and scenes.

– Four pockets, two in front and two behind. The front two are mesh pockets and the back two are out pockets. Even if it enters the water drainage holes are made so that water does not accumulate.
· The back pocket is large. I am making it for the Velcro tape specification. This is a security pocket to protect yourself from theft and the like, and to prevent falling without forgetting buttons.
– Rubber string is included so that the hem can be squeezed. Also when you want to prevent invasion of insects and grasses and want to turn up instantly, you want to change the silhouette of the pants themselves.
· D-pipe mounted on the right front and left rear. Please hang your favorite things such as wallet cords and towels, pliers, and Boga everywhere.
· The belt is attached from the beginning with a belt that can be pulled and adjusted with one hand.
– YKK zipper of safety is attached to the knee, and it is hard to break even when a burden is exerted at the time of bending or stretching.

Length 97100103106109112115
Waist 768084889296100
Hip 92100104108112116120
Upper Half Length757779818385 87
Upper Half Leg Opening 36384042444648

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