Floreana-5 • Four Season

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This is designed by Fujita San. And it’s made by heavy twill cotton fabric, soft and firm. Besides the side pockets, large accordion pockets are attached to both fight for the outdoor man who has many belongings and also matches with the camouflage pattern, that is suitable any seasons.

Material: Cotton

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I want a half-length pants that I can put on anywhere I can carry it anywhere, no discomfort wherever I wear it.
What was required for “Floriana 5 · 4 SEASON” material born by this concept is soft, familiar to the skin, and strong like denim.
I thought that it was denim, but I want a more soft material, the answer I was looking for was “Chino” material.
It is a fabric made from heavy twill cotton fabric, which is originally a military fabric, so it is not satisfactory in terms of strength.
The silhouette is somewhat slender.
This is an image along the body without being caught even in outdoor etc.
By doing so, T-shirts, as well as polo shirts, button-down shirts, and also the blazer system, it became pants uniquely choosing the place.
As a design, by placing a camouflage pattern with vintage texture on places in some places, it is also wild.
And the denim place which we ordered from Europe.
This used the red ears of Serbigudenimu both pockets, and also casually into the zipper part.
All four pockets.
Besides general side waist pockets, large accordion pockets are attached to both legs for the outdoor man who has many belongings.
However, there is nothing that looks bloated and looks bold, I make fine adjustments so as not to disturb the silhouette.

  • Red ears of Serbitch Denim: Denim (narrow width) fabric woven using old weaving machines, characterized by a red stitch called “ear” at both ends of the fabric.
    A thing that put it well into the design that motif that was becoming a waste material.
  • We are working on vintage wash processing so as to make it easy to see the texture which puts GRAY stain a little and wears favorites.
  • We are developing only one color.
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