Floreana 5 Pile – Sheepskin (Yokanro) Gray

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This short is made with a soft towel-like material, that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, very suitable for fishing and any outdoor activities. The design of the waist is also appropriate for casual wear.


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Play as outdoor is harsh.
Playing with the sun, water, the earth all day, the body accumulates comfortable fatigue.
Fluffy wrapping the exhausted body, healing the body. Too pleasant pile fabric.
What will happen if you make this pants?
I want to heal tired bodies after fishing. And let’s go wearing the town as it is.
Relax pants that appeared a few years ago and took over the blood of Floriana 5 which fainted in a moment.
Although it is a relaxing pant, it is a silhouette that can not be seen altogether even in outdoor wearing in town.

The fabric is a pile. It is not too soft, it is selected from many kinds of fabric which are not too hard.
Pile fabric is a fabric in which vintners like thread are woven.
Sometimes referred to as “towel fabric”, please feel the texture of the towel.
This pile fabric is very excellent in heat retention and hygroscopicity.
It is comfortable as a summer clothing because it absorbs sweat, but it is a comfortable material that lasts smoothly even in the summer.

This type of pants features a few pockets. It was avoided by attaching a mesh pocket to the knee part although it was disgusted because there is unevenness and breathability got worse and heavier. There are 6 pockets in total. Outdoor specifications.

And put the rubber in the waist, we make the belt specification so that it will not shift even if heavy things are put.

  • Yanpan color is a dark brown color that is slightly reddish like candy like its name. In color name from the Edo era black dyed or dark purple clothes of the color, it has been used to epithet the like have been allowed. The old black dyed was dyed black with red and indigo and so on and then dyed black, so when the color faded it was just like a sheepskin.
Hip Width100104108112116
Leg Opening4648505254

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