Floreana5-Lizard (Black x Black)

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Two pockets on each side, two at the back and it attached hidden zipper in the part of knee area, we used more stretchable and soft mesh fabric in the bottom. The fabric is water-repellent and it is super stretchy, dry quickly. Whenever your exercises, you can move every freely and naturally.

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“Revolutionary pants made!” Genkiman speaks with excitement.
Finally, the pants that had been testing in the tropical countries with Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Macao finally completed.
Layered leggings/pants of one piece I wanted forever.
The outdoor man goes to various places. Actively in various scenes, and layered leggings pants to become familiar with that scene.
Materials and designs that can satisfy both in the town where the temperature changes rapidly, and also for the outdoor man who uses it hard.
It is an item that covers all scenes.

Always fitting half pants and leggings, both were dissatisfied, thinking of the ideal.
First-half pants. Having water repellency, using thick cloth while drying quickly, and three-dimensional cutting that does not disturb movement, and strong stretch.
The reason for using a thick fabric, the outdoor man changes to various scenes. Even though there are as many fabrics as quick drying in the midsummer specification,
fabrics that cover from hot to slightly chilly seeds did not quite meet.
And leggings fabric. In general, it is a smooth flat fabric, but there are many things that can not be used hard, such as sticking to the skin, sticky and electric wire.
I was looking for ideal things while spending time on this fabric as well.
Material that made the scales like a lizard hint a three-dimensional sense. There is a space through which air can pass, so it cannot be steamed.
And as soon as I got a little caught I could encounter such an ideal material that I could totally be able to carry out a line and be strong enough to fail.
I thought about selling separately, but as I felt stressed in this separate thing, I studied as one item.
We reviewed what kind of position sewed and can move without stress, and whether there was no problem with strength, and I was able to make a convincing item.

When you first have it wears it will convey the feeling of the material.
Pants and leggings extend moderately when putting in feet, and when wearing it will tighten moderately. It is never hard, moderately comfortable.
And I want you to bend first. It is so stressful that I can not hesitate again.
The fabric of the leggings part is three-dimensional, when warm cold, it collects warm air, and when it is hot it is not in close contact, so let through the wind.
And when you get caught in a hard umbrella or something, it will be scratchy with grass etc, but fray and transmission can be quite difficult. It is a heavy-duty leggings fabric than I imagined.
Two pockets on each side, two at the back. Since it is made to back zipper specification for everything, it does not get caught in something.
Naka is becoming an ultrafine mesh, so it goes without saying that water goes out quickly even if it enters the water.
And the knee part has attached hidden zipper which cannot be seen from the table. Although it is obvious that you can put things in, when you are thick, open this pocket and use it, the wind will not pass through and it will not steam.
The belt is also attached and can be tightened up with one hand, but we also attach a belt loop to those who want to tighten further. People who do not use should hang something such as boga and pliers.

I think that it will be a must-have item from this spring to fall.

※ Although the leggings are switched between the two colors, the fabric of the leggings becomes a single color in the image photograph.

※ Initial model has changed to a button, although it became a hook on the zipper.

Upper Half Length5859 61636567
Mesh Length8486 88919293
Waist 727680848892
Upper Half Leg Opening404446485052
Thigh Width566062646668


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