Genovesa-Fin-ch-Glove 2018 (Hennobesa Finch)

HKD$ 532.00

Length: S(160-170mm),M(170-180mm),L(180-190mm),L(190-200mm)

Width: S(190-200mm),M(200-210mm),L(210-220mm),L(220-230mm)

Material: Ultra-thin Titanium Neoprene

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(1) Flower Prussian blue (Hanako Ju) Flower Prussian blue is a purplishly dark blue color.

(2) Chitose Green (Senzaid green) Chitose green is dark, dark green like pine leaf green.

(3) Red copper color (blue shading color) A red copper color is a shiny dark red color like metallic red copper.

“NIPPON’s bottom power”

Including fishing, I think that the place to use is the “hand” that moves most in various outdoor scenes.

It does not restrict movement … … And it is warm, it does not get in the way.

I thought that the answer was only in Japan.

Can not be used for overseas production · · · Detailed Japanese traditional art that can be shaped to details.

Although it is a popular finch glove that is standardized, the 2018 model has evolved only a little.

Listen to the voices of the people who purchased last year, and double-stitched apart with a fisherman looking at the part where some failures occurred.

Although it sometimes goes wrong with double stitching, it covers it with the fineness of the Japanese.

And the length is made long so that you can hide your wrist with Supori.

This is the voice of a fisherman in the northernmost tip area of Japan, I do not want to cool the wrist artery. Because the fingertips will cool down as the artery cools.

There is no feeling of cramping as it has a little clearance, it may be good to conceal a small warmer.

Three-dimensional movement of fingers, fineness of fingers, a thin, warm, and critical strength of the ultra-thin fabric.

Please try and experience “Japan’s bottom power” in all.


– Yamamoto Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.’s ultra-thin Titanium 1 mm thick is used for the back of the hand, and outstanding warmth retains and hands are protected from the cold in winter with a fit.

  • For hand chips, this also uses a very thin 1 mm thick non-slip rubber to eliminate uncomfortable feeling in the fit, and the minimal byte also travels as if it had a rod directly.
  • A skilled engineer in Japan pursues no stress by applying three-dimensional cutting and three-dimensional sewing.
  • The finger tip opens only the minimum thumb, the belly of the index finger, and protects it from the cold to the toes. When the nail cools the fingertips will cool down. When used in the test, it is quite comfortable to actually use only these 4 hands of both hands, but even if you feel that you are in the way when you are assembling a leader, you can solve it by turning “Perit”

* I think that the size is difficult, but it is the same size as a general fishing glove. Due to its high expansion ratio, it can cover a wide range of sizes.

<How to measure the length of the hand>

Measure with a ruler from the wrinkle at the top of the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.
Men’s JIS project S (160 – 170) M (170 – 180) L (180 – 190) LL (190 – 200) mm

Next, how to measure the enclosure

Measure around the fist with the measure. As you grasp the hand, or as the measure diagonally, an error of about 10 mm will occur, so please measure it along the fist.

S (190 to 200) M (200 to 210) L (210 to 220) LL (220 to 230)
Finally, if the hand length and the hand enclosure come out different numbers, In
most cases it is good .

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Gold, Green, Red


S, M, L, XL