Gold Finch – Silver Finch Label

HKD$ 32.00

Size: 50 mm(L) x 30 mm(W)

* Please note that it is only stick on mirror surface.

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I want a cutting sheet that can be attached to a cell phone or accessory. It’s cute, but it has a presence.

Design which finish designer Shihei Yoshida has come up.

This is good! Make it immediately!

There was not likely to be a small cutting sheet. The reason is the detail of the sheet removal work.

Just thinking where to put it is a fun cutting sheet.

Which one are you?

Use 3M highest grade sheet. Durability, ultraviolet rays durability, which are very top classes.
I made it for pasting on a smartphone, personal computer, ICOS, tackle box, automobile window, trunk, rod case.

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