Isabela・protection dry Aoyagi

HKD$ 462.00

A new dry material proposed by Finch.

This fabric protects your body from various things.
The fabric itself is bactericidal and insect-proof and is a fabric that protects the body from various bacteria caused by the recent virus turmoil. .
The fact that the bacteria are hard to adhere means that the smell is hard to stick.
And UV processing is also performed as another function.
It protects you from the violent UV rays of summer.
There is no cool dry function, but the fabric is softer and softer, making it more comfortable.

There is a secret unique to the finch at the cuffs.
When I roll up my sleeves, after a long time I worry about tightening and drooping is very stressful for me …
In order to solve this problem, these four lines were inserted and locked with super stretch yarn, so that they were not overtightened, did not slip down, and the cuffs were stress-free.
This is a little thing, but after a considerable amount of time, the expansion and contraction created by picking and locking the fabric.
Of course, the strength is many times stronger than normal locks.
Playing outside in the scorching sun, I came home and regretted my sunburn … I was terrified by poisonous insects. . .

And like the Isabela series, the hem of the back body is slightly longer than that of the front body, making it uneven.
In addition to the advantage of not seeing your back and buttocks when sitting or squatting, this is a device that protects your waist from wind and insect bites. The front and back hem do not interfere with the slit, so the front is difficult to lift due to the difference in the weight of the fabric.

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