Isabela 7 cotton (Light Blue)

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3/4 sleeve T-shirt design and this material is 95% cotton mixed with a little bit of nylon, it feels very soft and comfortable when you wear.

Material: 95%Cotton, 5% Nylon

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Isabella cotton evolved into a 7-minute sleeve. Lighter, more comfortable.
Isabella cotton also entered the fourth year.
Due to its comfortable fitness, many repeaters, we received a voice that I wanted to change several sheets, became a long seller and evolved into a finished gear.
High heat retention, and by mixing a little nylon, I was able to shape it in a pursuit of unexpected comfort as cotton.
It is a material that can produce a fading feeling of moderate cotton feeling.
I always wish that you can wear it any number of times, the selection of ingredients is based on thoroughly taking time.

Isabella cotton of the 4th year is definitely the gear with the highest wear rate throughout the year.
And this time I tried to arrange “Goshiroko” which Genkiman loves.
Hoshibiruchou by designer Shihoi Yoshida’s illustration. Genkiman has no idea of seeing its appearance and has the impact of saying “seniors !!”
He is senior to whom I love.
Hushibiruko, famous for immovable birds, what evolution would have gotten on now and how did it look like now? It is worrisome.

“Fin-ch” brand concept is “evolution”.
As organisms slowly evolved, as human beings responded to sudden changes in the environment.
Put the brand concept all over your back and keep on wishing that you do not forget evolution so you do not forget your dreams.

  • Make the hem of the back body slightly longer than the front body, making it strange.
    This is a device to protect your waist from wind and insect bites besides the merit that you can not see the back and the butt when sitting down or crouching.
    And by inserting the slit, the front and back hem do not interfere, so we made it difficult for the front to lift due to the difference in weight of the fabric.
  • Dry-salmon color (from mushrooms) is the orange- like pink color like dried salmon. The English name is ” Salmon Pink “. As the name suggests, it is the color that came from the body part of the salmon that was dried.
Chest Width98102106110114
Sleeve Length4344454647
Shoulder Width4143454749

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Light Blue


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