Isabela・Cool Dry (Deep Navy)

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This fabric became a cool fabric that changes the wind that passed through to cold, there is almost no fading even if it hits direct sunlight, strong dry material. 

Material: 100% polyester

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A strong dry fabric with many requests for resale is resurrected after 3 years’ date.

“The fabric through which the wind passes” The wind
received from the front passes through to the back.
And this fabric became a cool fabric that changes the wind that passed through to cold, and it was refreshing itself in Amazon, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao in the tropical countries where the test was repeated.
There is almost no fading even if it hits direct sunlight, the strong dry material itself.
If it is a hot summer in Japan it will be overcome without difficulty.

There are secrets unique to Finch at cuffs.
If you turn the sleeve and it’s been a long time ago it is
a matter of tightening or sagging it is really stressful for me … To solve this problem somehow, put these four lines and lock it with super stretch thread, tighten Too much, not falling down, cuffs became stress-free.
This little thing, as a result of spending a considerable amount of time, stretching that was made by pinching the fabric and locking it.
Of course, the strength is several times stronger than a usual lock.
In the scorching sun, I played outside and got back home and regretted with sunburn … It seems like there was nothing to be done by poisonous pimples … nothing. . .

And as with the Isabela series, we make the hem of the back body slightly longer than the front body, making it a mistake.
This is a device to protect your waist from wind and insect bites besides the merit that you can not see the back and the butt when sitting down or crouching. Because the front and back hem does not interfere by inserting the slit, we made it difficult for the front to lift up due to the difference in the weight of the fabric.

<It is a story of childhood>

For over an hour I caught a fish in the aquarium in front of a certain aquarium and the fish I was looking at was there.
It got nailed on the spot to the superb fish body, form.
Someday I would like to catch this fish. I want to touch it…
For nearly thirty years since then, I was able to make that dream come true.
I have gotten hand trembling fish so far, but I can not move as if my hips were pulled out before and after, but only this fish cried out.
I would like to make a shirt carrying a childhood dream for such a huge fish / piraruk. This was the first product I thought about Finch establishment.
· Piraruk Scientific name: Arapaima gigas The largest freshwater fish in the world who is said to live 100 million years ago and is said to be a living fossil.
In order to defend the body from the natural enemy Piranha, I still live today because I could “evolve” into a hard scaly like an armor.

Shoulder Width4244464849.552
Chest Width98102106110114118
Sleeve Length616365676971

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