Isabela Pile Polo (Red)

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This polo Shirt’s best feature is that it is suitable for any occasion, it absorbs sweat and dries. It is appropriate for anything outdoor activities or indoor.

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How much did you rebuild just the shape of the collar?
It is not too cautious, it does not become too rough … Polo was stuck to the shape to the extent that it is not an overstatement to say that everything is decided in the form of a collar.
Not only the collar but also the fabric.
Generally, the fabric has flowed from top to bottom. This is fair hair.
In this time, it makes it counteract so that depth and depth of color appear, so that pale peculiar fading feeling is less visible so that it looks three-dimensional.
Skin touch has a resistance feeling and is pleasant.
I want to wear it all the time during both actions and off, a polo shirt that seems so.

Play as outdoor is harsh.
Playing with the sun, water, the earth all day, the body accumulates comfortable fatigue.
Fluffy wrapping the exhausted body, healing the body.
I tried to make such a shirt.

The fabric is a pile.
It is not too soft, it is selected from many kinds of fabric which are not too hard.
Pile fabric is a fabric in which vintners like thread are woven.
Sometimes referred to as “towel fabric”, please feel the texture of the towel.
This pile fabric is very excellent in heat retention and hygroscopicity.
It is comfortable as a summer clothing because it absorbs sweat, but it is a comfortable material that lasts smoothly even in the summer.

Make the hem of the back body slightly longer than the front body, making it staggering.
This is a device to protect your waist from wind and insect bites besides the merit that you can not see the back and the butt when sitting down or crouching.
And by inserting the slit, the front and back hem do not interfere, so we made it difficult for the front to lift due to the difference in weight of the fabric.

  • Yapan color is a dark brown color that is slightly reddish like candy like its name. In color name from the Edo era black dyed or dark purple clothes of the color, it has been used to epithet the like have been allowed. The old black dyed was dyed black with red and indigo and so on and then dyed black, so when the color faded it was just like a sheepskin.
Body Length6871747577
Shoulder Width4042444648
Chest Width9296100104108
Sleeve Length2021222324
Cuff Opening1717181919

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