Isabella • Raglan Cotton

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It’s comfortable and not wrinkly, raglan sleeve allows you to move freely.

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Nylon

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Isabela cotton of raglan specification for more freely, more comfortable movement.
The outdoor man changes to various scenes and dislikes things that hinder movement.
It is a raglan that eliminated the defect one by one.
In general Raglan it is a straight line hanging from the shoulder to the side, but this Raglan further raised the occupancy rate to the neck, shoulder and arm by bending it.
And use a fabric of Isabella cotton of a long seller which is a pleasant touch.
This material is also high in heat retention, and by mixing a little nylon it was possible to shape it as comfortable as cotton could not think.
It is a material that can produce a fading feeling of moderate cotton feeling.
I always wish that you can wear it any number of times, the selection of ingredients is based on thoroughly taking time.
I mainly design tests in Australia, designing the sleeves so that they do not turn up when doing bushings etc, and designing the fingers so that they can pass their fingers when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.
However, when we can not pass through the fingers we have sewed so that the hole will be blocked.
The back is a ferocious Piranha looking for prey. Male spirit Always try smell. Such a message is crowded.
It seems that it seems to be fancy at first glance but it is a familiar picture that is not too flashy to wear.

“Fin-ch” brand concept is “evolution”.
As organisms slowly evolved, as human beings responded to sudden changes in the environment.
In response to the demands of outdoor man with a lot of movement, it is a raglan specification which made the circumference of the arm more free.

  • Make the hem of the back body slightly longer than the front body, making it strange.
    This is a device to protect your waist from wind and insect bites besides the merit that you can not see the back and the butt when sitting down or crouching.
    And by inserting the slit, the front and back hem do not interfere, so we made it difficult for the front to lift due to the difference in weight of the fabric.
Chest Width102106110114118122
Sleeve Length707172747678
Cuff Width202021222324


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