Key Clip [Fin-ch x Vintage Revival Productions]-EVOLVE SLOWLY+(Fin‐ch / Pirarucu + Fin-ch)

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Fin-ch x Vintage Revival Productions Keyring

Natural leather x Profession Craftsmanship

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[Leather charm]


I believe many people have been attracted to leather products.

There are also many different kinds of items used in the leather.

This is esoteric because the texture is not the same. There are also a lot of types that don’t crack, so you can understand the various features.


Genkiman is one of those who are deeply attracted by the charm of this material.

When you are in contact with all kinds of leather products, you should also learn about the origin, type and manufacturing process.

When I founded Fin-ch, I already had the idea of ​​”I don’t know when Fin-ch can make different leather products…”.

Because it is very serious, there will be no compromise.

When I thought about it, I met 〝Vintage Revival Productions〟.

In this moment, in front of this person who loves and understands how to handle leather, he made a model in a flash. (After my repeated requests, I finally got their approval.)

After combining the uncompromising manufacturing spirit and the material of the matter, the first bullet was completed.

Built on the technology of Vintage Revival Productions and the patented design and concept of “Key Clip”

Different from the general design and concept of keyrings and key bags.

Use the magnet to facilitate the clip on the side of the pocket of the trouser pocket or handbag.

It can also be attached to metal positions such as doors, refrigerators, and desks. It can be said to be “a keychain that will not be lost.”

Since it can be clipped at the edge of the bag, you don’t need to open the bag to find it, and you will feel a little easier when you go out.

Look at it, there will be a feeling of surprise about how this product will be.

Leather materials are also used in the most advanced Italian leather, and are the most natural plant tanned leather.

Although some people say that plant tanned leather is easy to get smudged and flowered, it is actually used; it will slowly feel a “squid” style.

Maybe it will age with the use of time. The long-term use of Italian leather in the world will also lead to the appearance of leather aging, but this is exactly the taste of leather goods.

In addition to our logo FINCH birds, there are also dream fish giant squid.

There is also a “Evolve Slowly” logo.

Skilled technology coupled with the best design and quality finished products.

The combination of leather and silver creates a sense of sophistication and can’t help but watch it over and over again.

Not only is a keyring, it will give people a thirst for “this is”.

And it’s not just looking good, it’s important to take the elegance and quality in your hand.

Reward yourself or as a gift, it will be a personal item that will not be cherished, and it will be a special item.


“Plant tanning” is a cowhide that uses the plant tannin.

Basically, there is no reprocessing on the surface, which is the most leathery material in leather.

At a glance, you can understand that nature, high-level feeling, pure smell and smooth touch are its characteristics.

Because there are still natural traces of scars, wrinkles, blood vessels, pores, etc., it is a leather full of individual expressions.


The tanned leather itself is very compact and therefore extremely durable.

It may be a bit hard when you start using it, but slowly feel soft when the fibers become loose; in the end, you will feel a real fusion.

Since the surface is not processed, it feels easy to scratch; but it does not need to be treated to continue to use it, and those scratches only add flavor.


Of course, leather products can be very durable as long as they are in good condition. If you want to visually see the changes in plant tanned leather, I would recommend regular waxing.

Waxing depends on the use, even if it is once every 2 months.


If you need to make a gift package, please submit it in the remarks column.


※Because there are magnets, please be careful not to get close to the tape; for example, passbooks, credit cards, etc., to prevent magnetism.




※This is a custom product and there is no cancellation or refund service upon purchase. Please pay attention.

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