Marchena • Cool dry – dull color (niBiro)

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This fabric is light and stiff, you will have a cool feeling when you are wearing.

This zip up to top style has the purpose to protect you from insect bites.

Material: 100% polyester custom-made dry material

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Perhaps it seems to be Marchena of cool material at this time of year, but at this time the number of people going to warm places will increase.
While seeking each romance,,, Gennkiman also made an Amazon expedition in November. I made a hasty Marchena for that.
This Marchena is obviously not only when going to a hot place, but also as an inner material in cold Japan.
In the winter the body cools and the body cools because the body is steamed and the water is cooled. Because the material of Marchena has the action to drive out moisture, the body does not steam and it is hard to chill.

The name is “Marchena” Marchena.

The explosive Popular Finch Parker series, change the fabric so that you can spend more comfortably.
I put the illustration of Shohei Yoshida feeling a little cute in contrast to wildness.
The spoon is the origin of the lure fishing and the illustration which can also be said as the origin of the outdoor. Shuhei Yoshida arranged it.

The biggest obstacle of the Parker series is burden on the neck and shoulders.
The stubborn Genkiman hates hood very much. However, I fully understood the necessity to protect from sunshine and rain, poisonous pests.
Of course, the Parker project had been repeated many times, “This is sticking …” “This part is tough” and a few times.
Light, no burden on the body, and functional.
It is such Parker.

This time the fabric was used popular Isabella cool dry fabric.
Light and strong, material that will cool your body when you are wearing it.
It was refreshing itself in Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China of tropical countries tested humidity exceeding 90%.
This cloth seems to have been able to spend comfortably even if you really knock down the South American continent for 3 months.
As it gets cold it is as an inner. Excellent material that body does not get cold as it escapes humidity.

Long sleeves as much as possible during summer use. We place weight on sunburn and insect bites and make it long sleeves.
It may seem that it is hot, but because of the nature of the fabric, it is a cool material so repeat the test in tropical countries clear by using the custom cool material.
In the scorching sun, I played outside and got back home and regretted with sunburn … It seems like there was nothing to be done by poisonous pimples … nothing.
And just like the Isabella cotton, the hem of the back body is slightly longer than the front body, making it a mistake.
This is a device to protect your waist from wind and insect bites besides the merit that you can not see the back and the butt when sitting down or crouching.
* Since the front and the back hem does not interfere by inserting the slit, we made it difficult for the front to lift up due to the difference in weight of the fabric.
The zipper is the world’s strongest YKK. If this is broken it is unavoidable level.
By making it zip up, you will eliminate the burden of hanging on the neck and shoulder.
It seems that you can choose your own comfortable place. (Because Genkiman is a troublesome person who dislikes the neck is cramped …· · ·) We
also, make a little effort to make finches look and hide at the root of the zipper.

  • The dull color (Nibiru) is a dull gray color of an achromatic color as well as coloring tumbling color. It is used as a color name since the Heian period, also called “nipplero”. The hue ranges from light to dark in ink color, and in the past, it was the color of mourning to wear when a nearby person had misfortune. In posterity, it became to point to the bluish gray which thin indigo was applied to black ink as a color like rust of iron color.
Shoulder Width434445464748
Sleeve Length606162636465

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