Pinta – Horizon Hat (Red)

HKD$ 646.00

Velcro tape is applied inside, you may adjust to your own size.

Ⅿ:                         55 – 58 cm 

L:                          58 – 62 cm

Material:             100% cotton

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Horizon means horizon, horizontal line.
When developing this hat,
this name was born as a beautiful silhouette like Australia’s Ayers Rock, like the sun rising from the shape of a long bracket.

Fabrics are easy to familiarize your skin, use strong cotton strong.
Using fabrics of Japan’s strictest fastness class 4 or higher, it is a so-called all season type hat.
It is said to be a hat whose expression changes as it brings changes to the head, the brim portion, the collar back portion and the color.
The image changes at all depending on how it is used.
A lot of cotton material, it has become a fabric that can also enjoy a secular change.

I think that it will become a reliable guard who will guard the head, neck, face, ears firmly from the sun by attaching a long brim outside the 8.5 cm standard.
Even if the shape collapses in a bag etc. so that you can pick it up wherever you go, you can reform the mold yourself because the wire is in the tip of the collar, and a good horse mackerel will come out.

The final test in Australia above 40°C was harsh.
With no winds and without any shadows, I was walking for 13 hours a day, but my partner who made a shadow to protect me.
Jump up on both sides until the sun rises and fasten the buttons to a cowboy style.
And as the sun rises it removes the button and makes it a safari hat style and makes a shadow.
I feel frightened if I think that this hat is absent.

Velcro tape is applied inside, making size adjustment possible.
If there are some gaps and so on, you can fine-tune it and adjust it to your own original size.

Japanese hat craftsmen listen to my experiences in detail, if this fabric, this sewing, if it is this form … it is one item that made it into shape.

※ Embroidery is different from image photograph. Embroidery is one place on the left side. Please wear the red tag so that it is behind.

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