Pinta – Straw Hat

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This is a soft and thin hat, and the shape not easy to change even you put in the suitcase.

Size: 59.5cm


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Finch of wheat straw

Genkiman likes the incomparable wheat straw. (* Actually I am not using wheat straw, but it is raffia, but it is nuance.)
Easy to be a straw hat, “exhilarating fool”, but also refreshing and fashionable.
Outdoor, to the city, travel, to the sea … without choosing the place is the summer mast item is correct.
It is knitting with the mesh as thin as possible, and it is finished softly.
I perform the press many times carefully, and when I compare it with the general straw hat it becomes tense.
When I go overseas, I put it in a suitcase and take it almost never did the shape collapse.
(In the unlikely event that shape collapse becomes serious, please mold in a place with a lot of humidity such as a bathroom.) In a casually right fin portion the finch tag. And inside Piraruku tag so as not to forget your dream.

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