Tortuga Ruck Sack (Blue)

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This “daily +α” medium-sized backpack is specially designed for outdoor activities especially fishing. The inside of this bag also has a few inside pockets of various different sizes. It is suitable for many items, this backpack also has a waterproof cover, so even if it suddenly rains, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Size: Height of about 46cm x Length of about 31cm x Width of about 16cm = 22 liters

Material: Nylon

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The concept is “every day + α”

Of course, I made such a backpack that I want to take for fishing at outdoor as well as town youth.
The size is neither large nor small, even though it is carried on all the time, the burden on the shoulder is small.
It is a backpack that you can think of “I want to have it all the time”.

It was when I planned fishing in Australia that I thought about making it.
In the previous information, only when walking more than 10 hours a day… The temperature is over 40 ° C. It is not a forest road, but walking on a true beast road.
I only had to choose a backpack with both hands empty unconditionally, and I thought how to distribute the burden when carrying it.
To be able to use contents for various purposes, and to be multifunctional.
I wanted to avoid making the design messy, so I made it simple to summarize.

A thick nylon material is said to be the strongest if it speaks in strength.
The rain penetrates, but because the processing that does not pass inside is done internally, it protects the thing in the inside. (It is attached with a rain bag
covering the backpack, it is safe for sudden rain.) The lid is to attach Velcro + lock. Be sure to hear the sound by using both Velcro and lock type.
Backpacks are rarely noticed even if they are stolen, and abroad are quite effective in preventing many thefts.
And because it prevents me from forgetting to lock it and falling unexpected thing, I attach a little Velcro.

<Front side / back side>
– First of all, a large pocket on both sides. In the middle lower part pocket is a size that can also contain a lure box.
– The deep pocket on the right side can also store pack rods. It also contains some long items and plastic bottles. (With a belt that can be fixed)
– And also a pocket on the left side. Since this is a zipper, it is like squeezing in.
· A large zipper is attached to the left side so that the contents of the contents can be easily taken out without opening the lid of the upper main.
· We are making loops with cushions on the back hitting face. This reduces the backpack and the ground contacting surface. It is unpleasant to steak when there are many ground planes.
By attaching this, it was possible to create a state that is almost floating. Of course, it is also possible to carry something between them.
· Since many loops are attached to the front side and both sides, please hang the necessary items or customize how to use it yourself.
· The D pipe is attached to the shoulder. Also, the custom so that it is easy for us to use.
– The string that can be adjusted has a lock so that the excess cord will not hang around. Comfort is different if there is this and there is not.
– In the lid part, inside the lid, Piraruku logo. Put your wishes so as not to forget your dreams.
· As included, it comes with a rucksack raincoat as it rains.

<Inside> On the
inside is various large and small pockets attached.
There is one cushion space so that you can put on your computer and tablet. Since it has two cushions, it has become a specification that puts delicate items and it can be held with the belt.
Wallet, key, passport, mobile, cigarette, ballpoint pen, etc. are all separated, so that you can see it at a glance.
Free space is big enough to put in clothes and underwear when going on a trip of 1 to 3 nights.
And I think that it is possible to enjoy Finchishashii colorfully printed illustration of Ogawa Kentaro on both the front and the inside.

This bag is “daily +α” The medium-sized backpack that is specially designed for long-term outdoor fishing has bags of different sizes on the inside. It is suitable for a wide variety of items, and it also has a waterproof cover. Even if it rains suddenly, you can feel at ease.


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