Water Proof Bag

HKD$ 202.00

Material:              High frequency wear resistant PVC, IPX8 Waterproof.

Print color:          Light yellow

Size:                       50cm x 20cm (with open mouth)

Capacity:              10 Liter

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If it is an outdoor man it is something a useful waterproof bag.
Waterproof, dustproof, water repellent, hermeticity is excellent so it protects important items from the water.
It is good to put things that you do not want to wet, put things that are wet on the contrary, or put water in after swimming and wear it zabuti.
It becomes an affordable bag that will also be a child’s swimming bag.
It is a 3-way type which will be a backpack, a diagonal hanging, and a handbag.
During fishing in Australia, it also corresponded to a sudden squall, very useful, even on grass wet with morning dew.
There were not much in this type of bag, waterproof pocket on the front, mesh pocket attached PET bottles and accessories can be stored.
Seamless high-frequency high frequency wears resistant PVC material high frequency. IPX8 waterproof and excellent water resistance.

※ Usage details:
1) Organize the opening.
2) Fold folded openings three to five times.
3) Fasten with buckle.

※ Usage Notes When the
air inside the bag floats on the water, it can not be used as a levitation device.
Although it is very excellent in waterproofness, 100% waterproofness cannot be guaranteed, please do not use the bag in diving condition.
We do not recommend putting electronic equipment in the bag in a condition that causes dew condensation due to weather and humidity.

There is some dirt, scratches on the material of the product ※ There is no problem in use.

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