Wolf Armadillo Pocketable

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This a lightweight, soft and slight elasticity fabric, it’s good for different temperature between day and night, good cutting and easy to carry.

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Wolf Armadillo newly born from Fin-ch’s outer series “WOLF”.
The concept is to be “compact”.

It is clothing, clothing, comfort, and becoming compact.
I want to reduce my luggage at least as I go somewhere.
Travelers, business trip destinations, etc. Outer things become baggage, bulky items.
I always worry about whether I can bring it or not. There should be many such people.
Gennquiman often goes out to domestic and overseas, and he was in trouble every time depending on the temperature of the place.
Lightweight, thin, I want light outerwear that does not disturb the carrying. I make it if I think so.
Even though it is smooth, it uses a moist, good-looking fabric, and thin and lightweight fabric to the limit.
Cover with air, you can wrap the air and you can not steam, you can control body temperature well.
It is the perfect wear to put it in a corner of a bag for a while.

I named it Armadillo because it can be put together to make it small and round.
Compact storage in the included pouch, portability is outstanding, it is a material that is less likely to wrinkle even if folded.

Even though you can wear loose, looking slim by an exquisite size balance by putting a turning back of the side collar, to a sloppy silhouette.
It is light enough to forget to wear, it also becomes light outer and inner.

When it is chilly due to the temperature difference between day and night, outside was hot, but the indoor air conditioning was bad when I went outside with a short sleeve but I do not want sunburn.
Under various circumstances, I think that you can feel “I’m glad you brought”.
Genkiman who goes abroad frequently travels by airplane and train and plagued the head with the temperature difference of air conditioning and heating.
Bulky outerwear is occasionally unnecessary in traveling, conversely, without having to open suitcase, you can be impatient with backpacks, and wear something that you can easily wear.
It was necessary to put such items in a compact pack in a bag.
Armadillo cuddles closely to an outdoor man who is required to respond flexibly to any occasion. I think that it will be such a must item.

* The included bags are contained in the pocket.
※ The zipper has been given a compression tube. Even if it gets dislodged, there is no problem in use, please attach a compression tube. Even changing the color is cute.

Shoulder Width434547495153
Sleeve Length6365676971



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