Wolf Evolve-Ocean Green

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3 layers waterproof material and with waterproof zipper, also windproof, it is a stretchable and soft jacket.

Material: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
Waterproof MVP 20000, Breathable WP 5000

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A year of four years has passed from the initial model, and a new Wolf was reborn.

For many years, while drawing up the concept … firstly from searching for fabric. Waterproof which protects even in rainstorms, and moisture-permeable material which does not steam, and stretch material which does not disturb the movement of the body.
Increasing moisture permeability makes the fabric thicker and inconvenient to move. However, I do not want to drop the waterproofness, I’m traveling around with the “just good” fabric I’m looking for.
It is finished while adding a function that I realized in my own experience, while greatly reviewing the fabric, shape, and manufacturing method, leaving a good place.
The fabric is waterproof, 3 layers with high moisture permeability. And stretch performance that will keep you from all dangers coming from daily, protect from danger.
Tests have been tested in Russia, which was also a hell, in places with a hot and cold temperature, and ruffed Wolf to the rain thoroughly.
Of course the function in the outdoor, of course, town youth, so-called, it has become a specification with no problem even if you wear it in the street.

Return to the basics of rainwear The Finnish proposal, the shape of the most standard rainwear.
That is Wolfe. In the harsh outdoor youth, how to use the new material in the traditional rain gear concept.
While reconsidering the fabric, it is not too high function, but it can be fully used, but rather aimed at rainwear that you can spend comfortably.

  • Focus on tape crimping thoroughly It is natural that rainwear is determined by sewing. Current mainstream is tape, and Wolf also adopts tape crimping.
    However, many rainwear floods and peels at the limit of this crimping, and it will end.
    Of course, Wolf may also be such a farewell after a few years, but the only difference is crimping technology.
    It was quite a coincidence, but because we chose a factory that can do sealing different from any factory that makes rainwear for fishing, the durability of flooding has improved dramatically with a fine crimping technique.
  • Specification of cuffs.
    The cuffs have a double structure and can be tied in both inside and outside, preventing the rain from flooding.
  • Specification of the back body.
    Almost all items of Finch are behind the back being long. One such thing, Wolf as well, so that the butt does not come out when crouching so that there will be no rain or wind entering.
  • Hood storage.
    When the hood is unnecessary, we are able to store in the collar cleanly weaving.
  • The sunshine part of the hood.
    By making the sunshine part of the hood double, I try to have a hat ‘s head when I wear a hat. We are making it difficult for the hat to get wet with rain or the hood to be blown off by the wind.
  • Zip cover on the pocket
    We use waterproof zip, but not only rely on waterproof function, but also a cover that will become a washi on top of the zip so that it can physically cover rainwater.
  • Number of pockets

4 pockets. A step difference of several centimeters is entered in the entrance to all the pockets. As a result, even if you forget to close the zipper, things are hard to fall.
And the left chest pocket has a little playfulness that you can take out the things you put in from the inside. And what kind of mind is convenient.

  • Large zipper
    moisture-permeable fabric on both sides But if you really get stuffy in high humidity or when the body heat during exercise has risen, apply large zippers on both sides to open the inside moisture instantly We are making it possible specifications.
  • Velcro tape Although
    I always bother my head, rain uses velcro staples that are not too strong. Velcro tapes will injure all things by all means.
    Therefore, use low-strength velcro tape of the convex part which is a new material. It is a magic tape that is not too strong or too weak.
  • zipper.
    All the world’s strongest YKK waterproof zipper. If this is broken, there is no choice but to give up. Replacement due to damage is possible. (Chargeable)
  • Drawing part.
    A cord that can be squeezed to both hem and 3 cords on the hood part will prevent rain flooding.
  • Prints are rich in finches. Do not forget the words you cherish “evolve slowly”.
  • Oribe ( bean ) is a beautiful dark green color with deepness like the color of Oribe Yabe roasted pancake. As the name suggests, the color name is from Oribe Yaki.

※ Although it comes with a water repellent function, if you shake the waterproof spray first at first, the water-repellent performance lasts longer, protecting it from dirt as well. For the finch, we recommend Bored WR waterproof spray.
Please keep in mind that storage at a high temperature such as inside the car reduces the life of the seam tape. Seam tape is mostly peeled off by heat. 




Front Length6668707274
Back Length7476788082
Shoulder Width4244464850
Chest Width5860626466
Sleeve Length6163656769

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