Wolf Light

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Highly waterproof material and waterproof zipper, also windproof, it is a stretchable and soft jacket.

Material: Water repellent fabric with nylon + spandex

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Compact light/rain windbreaker just wearing lightly <Wolf & light>

It is a material that is very different from the 2016 model. Increasing the thickness slightly, raised the heat retention.
And stretch performance over last year. By inserting a stretch that is strongly stretched in the longitudinal, lateral, and diagonal directions, the desired movement can be achieved without destroying the silhouette.
It is exactly the wear that comes with every movement.
If it rains a little, it also doubles as a water repellent, and by attaching a water stopper zipper, to say, all weather type wear without a blind spot was completed.
With a hint of a slim looking riders jacket, I tried many times aiming for a silhouette design that does not come over even if I wear thick things on the inner side.
It is a 2017 all-weather type “Wolffire” made in this way.

Heiny weather support for finch which was very popular Rainwear, an evolution of Wolfe. This line is developed as a smooth line of comfort like Hoody’s windbreaker, aiming for compact storage by reducing rain elements such as waterproof pockets from rainwear, and this is the Wolf Light.

It is a general all-weather type hoody developed by narrowing down the weather conditions only to correspond to something like outdoor and light drought and sunlight in everyday life, and degree of protection from wind.
The material is water repellent fabric with nylon + spandex.
It added elasticity to it, and it became possible to use it for a wider application such as mobility and overlapping.
After that, the stretchability further expanded by the ingenuity of the lining bonding process, realizing the elongation (stretch performance) that can be said to be the best among the so-called “Shakashaka fabric (water repellent)”.

Although the repellent itself is very high fabric compared with Wolf, there is no waterproofing treatment such as pocket and not as perfect as general rainwear, so only for sudden rain and water sprays in the usual life range, It corresponds.
This improves the convenience of being able to store lightly and compactly. You can use it widely from everyday use to travel destinations.
Also, think about the influence on the storage capacity when folded, the logo as small as possible.

Small folds and fold into bags, wore quickly when it is chilly.
I thought about one scene at such a destination, and this wolf / light concept was born.
With conventional windbreakers, there was no hood, rain bleeding, it was cold, there was no elongation and there were restrictions on movement and overlaying, and there as little dissatisfaction with the scene of such traveling destination. Also, there are several wears that can solve everything, but certainly there was a problem on the storage side.

Water repellent, windproof, and elastic. Minimize only the necessary parts, compactly.
I feel that it is close to one item lineup that I can not release in the outdoor … … ….

 Body Length656769 717375
 Shoulder Width434546474849
 Chest Width100104108112116120
 Sleeve Length636465666768

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